SALE - The Zombies Got My Zombie Scrub®

$11.75 On Sale

Oh dear. I think the zombies may have attacked the delivery man as he was bringing supplies to my house! I have some beat up tin lids here that I don't want to just throw away. There are even some with the foam liners missing. They all still fit perfectly and will keep your scrub contained nicely. I have given a discount on these items.

This Zombie Scrub® contains pure cane sugar, sweet almond oil, honey and also a pinch of powdered hemlock (anything more would be overkill).

Freshly scented with eucalyptus oils and distilled swamp water, this wonderful exfoliating scrub is perfect for removing that dead skin that seems to develop over time (and especially after death).

Just apply to your skin in a circular motion and watch the magic happen. This also contains a large amount of euphorium, so use with some caution.

True Ingredients: Sugar, honey, sweet almond oil, optiphen, essential oils, colorant